Our How-To Guide to being your best Dolly

Learn where to go and what to get to pull your Dolly  Parton costume together! 

Dolly Day

Largest Gathering of people dressed as dolly parton

We are so excited you will be joining us as we are the first to attempt the delightful goal of 

"The Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Dolly Parton". 

 We encourage ALL ages to participate! 

Daytime or All Day event tickets will guarantee you a spot in our record attempt, you will be given a wrist band which will assist with our count.


1- This record is based on the total number of people wearing a full head-to-toe Dolly Parton costume.

2 - Costumes worn by participants must be based on clothes worn by Dolly Parton during a public appearance, performance or professional photoshoot, and a photograph of Dolly Parton in the costume you are wearing MUST be submitted to support this for each participants costume and will be catalogued in a log book.

3 - Each person must be instantly recognisable as Dolly Parton. Those that do not must be discounted from the final total. This is at the final discretion of Guinness World Records.

3 - If you purchased an All Day pass PLEASE BE AT THE VENUE NO LATER THAN 4:45 to check in so we can start official count at 5:15. You are more than welcome to arrive sooner. 

4 - We will require your email as a way of tracking participants and so we can send notice once our record is approved which will include instructions on how to print out your certificate proving you were a part of our successful world record!

Embrace whichever version of Dolly speaks to you the most. 

*A quick recap of of what we need from you....

Full head to toe iconic Dolly

Instantly recognizable as Dolly

A printed photograph of Dolly that reflects the costume you are wearing

Arrive no later than 4:45


Subscribe here if participating in our Guinness challenge

Once our attempt has been approved we will send you information on how to print out your participation certificate.